Rats of Tobruk Association Inc.
The Rats of Tobruk Association Inc Merchandise Order Form
Date: ___/___/___ Cost per Item
Quantity Size S,M,L, XL,XXL
Postage Yes/No
Postage Total Sent (office use only)
Item Siege Map T Shirt $22 $10 Siege Map Mouse Pad $15 NA $2 Friend’s Bumper Sticker $2 NA $1 Friend’s Bumper Sticker (6 pack) $10 NA Inc in cost Friend’s Stubby Holder $9 NA $10 (up to 6) ROTA “baseball” style cap $20 NA $12 A friend of the Rats Lapel Badge $5 NA $3 (up to 5) ROTA (rosewood) plaque $95 NA $15 ROTA tie (clip type only available) $30 NA $5 ROTA Apron $50 NA $10 A2 Tobruk Siege poster $20 NA $12 ROTA rugby top $35 $12 ROTA polo shirt $30 $12 ROTA CD The Rats of Tobruk $15 NA Inc in cost ROTA Winter Scarf $35 NA $8 Colour Ladies Poppy Scarf (light weight) $15 $8
When purchasing multiple items excluding the Tobruk Siege poster, postage is charged only on the item with the highest postage rate. If a Tobruk Siege poster is included in the items purchased, add an additional $12 postage.
Total amount to be paid: $
Payment must accompany this form.  Payment can be made by cheque, money order, cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The Association does not have credit card facilities.  If you are paying by EFT, it is important that you include a unique reference for example the letters ‘MERCH’ followed by your surname. Bank Account Details:    Account Name: Rats of Tobruk Association  BSB: 013 223  Account No:  2102 51748 The EFT  'reference' I have used is:   I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I__I Delivery times will vary, depending on available stock.  Clothing items could take up to 4 weeks from receipt of order.  The Rosewood Plaque could take up to 6 weeks.  Purchaser’s Name:____________________________________  Contact Phone No:________________________ (Please Print)  Email Address:______________________________@_________________________  Delivery Address:___________________________________________________________________ Suburb:____________________________ State:___________ Postcode:_________ Please forward completed form to: ‘Merchandise Officer, ROTA, 44 Victoria Av, Albert Park, Vic, 3206.  If you pay by EFT, you can scan this form and email to:  ratsoftobruk41@gmail.com All enquires to the Merchandise Officer (Glenda Garde)  email:  ratsoftobruk41@gmail.com  Phone: 0419 318 924
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